Moving Forward in FAITH

Full Assurance ITrusting Him”

January 29th

“The Holiness Of God The Father”

Morning Service – 10:45 a.m.

Various Scripture
Online Source for Bible Verses

Sunday Evening Service – 6 p.m.

Studying the Book of John

January 29th

Family Connections Night

Join us for Faith, Food, and Fellowship – Celebrating Family members who have a January birthday and anniversary!

LoveBox Distribution will begin again in January

Sample menus are now available. Changes in the programs have occurred. Changes: Menu items will now include fresh meats and dairy products along with canned goods and staple goods. The suggested donation price has been changed to $45 per box.

January Dates – Order Deadline – January 22nd; Packing & Pickup – January 28th

Check with your church to see if they are involved in this ministry. If not, please join us in helping you get a box for your family or donate a box for someone in need . A new sample menu will most likely be adjusted for each month.

Boxes can be purchased through any participating church. For boxes purchased through the Nazarene Church, checks can be made out to Fitzgerald Church of the Nazarene. Your box(es) will then be picked up at the Nazarene Church. The boxes that were purchased for donation will be picked up at the church or delivered to those associated with our church family or local community.

The LoveBoxes are available through any of the 20+ participating churches. The boxes are then distributed to the participating churches. Contact the church through which your order is placed to find out time and location of pickup. If you cannot afford a box, please check with the church you attend and see if they have any donated boxes.

These LoveBoxes are one part of a nonprofit ministry in which a benefactor pays the additional cost of the food and shipping cost. In light of this generosity, the intent is that the food be used to help your family or others in need. It should not be purchased to be resold for a profit.