A New Creation

August 9, 2022

          You may have heard the old expression, “A leopard can’t change its spots”.  The expression means that a leopard can’t change and become a cute little puppy. It can’t get rid of the animal instincts that are a part of its inborn nature as a leopard. I agree with this expression and concept except I think there is a difference when it comes to human beings.

          We are all born with an inborn sin nature and thus we all sin. But what if the leopard could be reborn or born again with a new nature of a docile kitten? What if a sinful man/woman could put to death the old sinful nature and be born again as a new creation that has the nature of God living in them? It IS possible for a human being to be born again and have a new nature and not act like they used to.

          The Bible tells us in II Corinthians 5:17 that, “If anyone is in Christ (Saved by the Blood of Jesus) they are a NEW CREATION. Old things have passed away (Old nature has been put to death) and now all things are made new.” The old sinful nature where sin controlled us is now put to death and we now live according to the new nature – which is the Holy Spirit of God living inside of us.

          That is why people who get saved and were vile, cussing, mean, sin addicted people now after they start to grow in Christ you start to see a difference in their character and nature. It doesn’t happen overnight but as the new believer surrenders more and more of the old sinful nature to God, they become more like Him and the old nature, habits, and character begin to be replaced by the new nature.

          I have seen people who were as rough and horrible as you can imagine when they were lost, give their life to Jesus Christ and that same person can become a saint of God. Their language changes, their habits change, their outlook on life and view of other changes. It is not just self-help because with a sinful nature we can’t help ourselves. NO! It is this now born-again new creation in Christ being transformed by the one who gave them new life.

          A leopard may not be able to change its spots but a terrible sinner can become a new creation when their sins are covered by the Blood of Jesus. No sinner is too bad or too far gone to be made a new creation. All that we have to do is surrender to Jesus and let Him do the work of making us more and more like Him.

In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs

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