A Christmas Angel

December 20, 2022

(This is a repeat from a Christmas devotional in 2018 But I needed it this Christmas) 

Recently on December 18th, I took my Mom to lunch. The occasion on this particular date in the past had been joyous but today was different. Today it was my 57th birthday and would have been my Mom & Dad’s 59th wedding anniversary.

As Mom and I met for lunch we talked about Dad and how much we both missed him. We also reminisced about the things that he used to do on this date to make their anniversary and my birthday special. This lunch was quickly becoming a somber time for both of us with a few tears being shed.

I looked up and noticed that the server had seated a family next to us that had a baby who was about 1 year old. As I looked at the beautiful little girl she was smiling at me and cooing and even waved once or twice. It was like she was fascinated with me and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. My whole mood was changing just by seeing her.

The way that her parents were sitting they couldn’t see me and my Mom had her back to a little girl. I pointed the baby out to Mom but it was like it didn’t click with her as it did with me.  It was like the little girl and I were the only people in the restaurant.

She had blonde hair and beautiful big blue eyes and looked like a little angel sitting there cheering me up. Then it dawned on me. God had sent this perfect little angel to sit in the perfect position at the perfect time when I needed her the most to rescue my day. WOW.

That is the love of God the Father. He sent His perfect Son Jesus to the Earth at the perfect time and allowed Him to be born at the perfect place to fulfill prophecy. But also God allowed Him to grow up and die on the perfect cross at the perfect time to pay the price to rescue me from my sins.

Sometimes we miss the perfect gifts that God sends us each day when we need them the most. I plan on trying to look harder at every circumstance and every person to see what God is sending my way. It will always be what I need because He promised to meet all of my needs according to His riches in glory. Sometimes it is in the form of a perfect little angel so don’t miss it. Don’t miss the gifts that God sends you this Christmas.

 In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs 

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