“A Stopped Watch Is Right Twice A Day”

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May 14, 2024

“A Stopped Watch Is Right Twice A Day”          

My favorite watch that I use when hunting, fishing, and working outside started giving me trouble. I put a new battery in it but it still was stopping. It is very aggravating to look at your watch and think that it is the correct time but it is not. The old saying “A stopped watch is right twice a day” is true. But it also means that for the other 23 hours and 58 minutes of the day, the watch is wrong.         

We count on a watch to be accurate ,dependable, and faithful every time that we look at it to check the time. If it is not faithful then we either repair it or throw it away. God calls us as His children to be faithful and dependable all of the time. He doesn’t throw us away when we are not dependable or faithful. No. He gives us another opportunity with the power of the Holy Spirit to help us.

In a poor analogy, I relate this to God infilling us with the Holy Spirit power source the same way that we puta new battery into the watch. When I saw that the new battery wasn’t going to fix the watch, I decided to fix it. Having worked on watches for 20 years I was confident that I could fix it.

I took the back off of the watch and got to the heart of the watch – the watch movement. I cleaned the watch movement and applied some watch oil to the pivots, and gears that make the watch run. Soon the watch was back ticking again and keeping perfect time.           When we confess that we are not spiritually operating right, God takes our exterior shell off and gets to the heart of the matter – our heart. He then takes and cleans our hearts and applies the oil of the Holy Spirit which helps our spiritual life run smoother and more precise. He wants to help get rid of the things that are affecting our performance and give us a new chance.         

How accurate and dependable is your spiritual life? Are you only right on Sunday morning? If so that means that you are wrong and not faithful the rest of the time. Have you become weary and need a fresh power infusion from the Holy Spirit in your life? The Bible says that God is our strength. Do you need a fresh anointing of the oil of the Spirit? Then confess these things and allow the Master to get you back ticking along faithfully.

– In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs 

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