January 24, 2023 


          During our family Christmas time this year we all had a blast. The grandkids, now 7 & 10, are big enough to participate in all of the fun that we have together as a family. It usually is a time of various activities going on. Sometimes there are 2 or 3 different things going on at the same time.

At one point as we were enjoying the time together, the grandkids were wrestling with me while screaming and giggling, other members of the family were playing a game, and others were watching T.V. While all of this was going on our daughter-in-love Meg was sitting on the couch quietly doing a cross stitch. With the tornado of sounds and activity going on she never even looked up or lost her place.

With a break in the action, I asked Meg how she was not distracted by all of the noise going on, and she simply replied, “I am a teacher of a class of 2nd graders. This is easy” We both laughed and she just kept on going with her cross stitch.

I thought about what Meg had said. She was so used to being focused on a specific task that she had learned to tune out distractions. No matter what was going on she could give her total attention to what she was focusing on. This can be good or bad. We can become so focused on bad things that we tune out when God is trying to get our attention.

Or we can “Be still and know that He is God” and so focus on Him and His presence that we tune out everything that Satan uses to distract us. Even good things sometimes cause us to miss the BEST things that God is trying to share with us. (See Martha & Mary in Luke 10:38-42)

In this day and age of so many distractions like screen times, cell phones, T. V’s, and computers, we sometimes put totally focusing on God at the end of the list – if even at all. So we miss all of the wonderful blessings that God wants to share with us by not concentrating on Him, His Word, and the presence of the Holy Spirit. No wonder we many times feel empty and unfulfilled.

Nothing will ever replace the satisfaction that comes from being totally immersed in the power, peace, and presence of the Holy Spirit of God. Anything else is less than the best that God has for you. So be intentional in focusing on Him and tuning out the things of the world as much as possible.

In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs

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