COVID-19 Information

Since the Shelter-at-Home order was put in place, our church has been holding services via FaceBook Live. As we move forward and places begin to reopen, we will carefully consider the date to reopen the church. As we reopen, we will be ever mindful of the CDC regulations regarding ways to protect our members and guest.

At the current time, we are tentatively planning to begin church service on site on June 12, 2020 ! As we stay abreast of the situation, we will make a final decision during the week preceding June 12th.

We pray that all are members are safe and healthy. We will continue using FaceBook Live as a means of presenting the worship service. This decision was made to ensure that our members have access to worship services until they feel it is time to return.

May God continue to bless you all. We are here if you need assistance.

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