Don’t Miss The Cross

March 26, 2024

Don’t Miss the Cross          

Recently my wife Michelle and I packed up all of our belongings and prepared to leave our ministry assignment in Sandersville, GA to begin a new ministry assignment in Fitzgerald, GA. As we packed up the U-Haul and prepared to go it was a bittersweet time. We were leaving a great church family and community to follow the Lord’s leading to a new town, new church, and new opportunities.

We were sad on one side of our hearts but excited and fearful on the other side. We left Sandersville with me driving the U-Haul towing our car and Michelle following driving my truck. As we left the city limits I got behind a tow truck-type vehicle. It was one of the type that had a huge cross on the back of it. The cross is used in such a way that the tow truck backs up to the vehicle to be towed and lets the cross down and it goes up under the vehicle to be towed. Then the cross picks up the vehicle and tows it.

As we were driving my mind was in a thousand places. I was trying to concentrate on driving this big truck while towing Michelle’s car, watching out for her following me, and several other things. Also, I was praying asking God to assure me that we were following in the center of His will.

Michelle called me and asked, “What is that on the truck ahead of you?” because she could only catch glimpses of it looking around the U-Haul truck that I was driving. I told her that it was a tow truck. She said, “Yeah but isn’t that a big old cross on it?”Then it hit me. It WAS a big old cross and we were following it. We stayed behind it for more than 30 miles. God’s sign of His assurance to me was right in front of me and I had missed it because I was so busy and occupied with so many other things.

The greatest symbol of victory and assurance of all time was right there in front of me and all I could think about was the thousand other things that were running through my mind. I asked the Father to forgive me and I thanked Him for putting that tow truck with that cross right in front of me to lead the way. The cross on the truck was dirty and well used but it still looked beautiful to me.

It reminded me that the cross STILL has the power to lift me up when I am down or disabled. It has the power to pick me up and carry me when I can’t even carry myself. It reminded me that Jesus had already paid the price for my sin on another cross on Mt. Calvary.

With this being Easter week what a beautiful reminder that God sent to all of us that He loves us enough to assure us of the cross and the empty tomb. No matter what you are going through the cross of Jesus assures you of victory. The same power that rose Jesus from the dead is available to us today. But don’t get so busy and distracted with the frivolous things of Easter like bunnies, eggs, etc. that you miss the meaning of the cross and the empty tomb. – In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs  

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