Fear Is A Liar

March 5, 2024

A Lie Can Cause Fear – And Fear Is A Liar

I have been a type 2 diabetic for a few years now. One incentive to try and keep my blood sugar under control is that I watched my dad battle severe diabetes for over 35 years. The many diabetic-related medical issues that I saw him go through made me want to try and keep my A1C under control. Watching him take up to 4 shots of insulin a day as well as the hundreds of finger sticks is something that I don’t want.

I recently went for my annual checkup. The Physician’s Assistant told me that my AIC level had gone up from 6 to 8 so I need to be more disciplined in my eating, get more exercise, and try a new form of diabetes medication to help control my diabetes. I agreed and prepared to make a better effort at these items.

The next morning when I went to check my A1C levels I was shocked to find that my blood sugar levels were in the 400 range – AIC in the high 20’s. This is stroke level. I could not imagine what I had eaten or done for it to be so high from one day to the next. I got pretty scared and doubled my diabetes medication, walked extra that day, and convinced myself that this was a fluke.

The next time I took my blood sugar it was even higher in the 400 range. Since I experienced a couple of light strokes back a few months ago, I started to increase my concern about my diabetes level. Even though I wasn’t feeling bad I started being on high alert for any signs that I might be about to have a stroke or ill effect of the high blood sugar. I caught myself worrying which only increased my stress level and made me start noticing (Imaging) even more symptoms.

The next morning when I tested my blood sugar the meter said that my blood sugar was too high to be measured and I should seek medical help. I immediately drove to my doctor’s office and asked them to please take my blood sugar. They did and it was in the 130 range (A1C of 7). I told them what had been happening, and they advised that my meter had gotten out of whack and that I was fine. WHEW. Praise the Lord.

A false reading (Lie) had caused me to convince myself that I was in medical danger. This falsehood had caused fear, stress, worry, and even imagined symptoms. WHY? Because I allowed the lie to influence me. I had reacted to this lie in the wrong way. I was fearful. When I should have been trusting God in faith. God’s Word says in so many places: “Fear not. Don’t be anxious about anything. Be strong and courageous.” And that is not even counting all of the verses that promise that He will be with us and never leave us or forsake us.

So don’t let a lie cause you to be fearful. Satan is the author of all lies and he will use them to scare, control, and influence you. But be reminded that Jesus is the way, the TRUTH, and the life. He comes to strength and encourages you. He is on our side and He can handle anything that the world throws at you – even a lying diabetes meter.

In Love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs

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