Give God A Call

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June 4, 2024 

God Is Like A Satellite.        

  I was thinking about how my grandfather would be amazed at the technology of a cell phone. He was born in1906 and died in 1985. He told me before he died that he came into the world when people were riding horses and mules and he saw a man land on the moon before he died. I can just imagine showing him a 2024 version of a cell phone.         

We can take a cell phone and do a video chat with someone in China, Australia, or almost any other part of the world. You can do almost any mathematical, scientific, photography, or other function on a cell phone. You can google any subject in the world and in a few seconds know all that there is to know about that subject. You can do all these things on this handheld computer and on top of that – you can talk on it.          

In thinking about how a cell phone works in simple terms you dial the number and the phone sends a signal that you want to reach another phone(s).  It sends a signal to a cell tower that sends the signal to another cell tower in the area where the person you want to speak to is. If it is far enough away the signal that is sent when you speak may go to a satellite that is thousands of miles away in space. When the satellite receives the signal then it sends it back thousands of miles to where the person you want to speak to is. It is amazing that all of this occurs in a few seconds.        

Of course, sometimes there is interferences in the signal and so you can’t get through on the call or the call is muffled or you can understand what is being said.  Also, the closer you are to the cell tower then the better the signal and reception.          

God is like that. When you pray to God your prayer signal goes to Him and He hears it and answers you. Now here is the contrast. If you are far away from God then you may have trouble getting a clear prayer through to Him. Your distance from God that sin has caused may mean that the first prayer that you send him should be “God please forgive me and restore me into fellowship with you.” THAT prayer gets through every time and it opens the door for other prayers to be received by God.          

Many times, the prayer doesn’t get through because there is interference (Sin) that blocks out the signal. To remove the interferences, see the above prayer that must be prayed FIRST. God hears us clearly when there isn’t sin blocking communication with him. Sometimes He answers right away and at other times God waits to give His response. Be sure that His timing is always perfect and right on time. 

It has been said that God hears our prayers and His responses are “Yes, No, or Wait.” We all want the “Yes” responses but we need to learn to accept the “No” and “Wait” responses. The good news is that God will never hang up on us or put us on hold because He is busy with someone or something else.  He is waiting for us to call Him. In Jeremiah 33:3 God says, “Call to Me, and I will
answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.” So give God a call.

In Love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs

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