God Is Always On Time

December 7, 2021

During the Thanksgiving holidays, a local Christian businessman provided 5 Boston butts to several local churches (Including ours) to be given away to families in need. I had most of my allotment already planned out on which families needed it the most. I had one family that let me know that they were okay for the Thanksgiving meal as another agency had helped them with food.

          I picked up the 5 Boston butts on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and distributed 3 of them. One man was coming by the church to pick up the one for his family but it was going to be late in the afternoon. I still had one of the Boston butts to give away. So, I prayed. I asked God to show me who was in the most need and who would be blessed the most by receiving this gift.

          It was getting really late in the afternoon and I was still waiting for the man to come by and get his. Suddenly there was a knock on the church door and this lady was there asking could the church help her with some gasoline for her truck. I said sure and met her at the gas station to get her some gas. She said that she had been to several other churches but they were already closed up for Thanksgiving.

          While we were talking at the gas station, she mentioned that the reason that she needed the church to help her with gasoline was that she was trying to scrape together enough money to buy some food to feed her family that had just let her know that they were coming in from out of town to eat with her on Thanksgiving.

          My heart skipped a beat as now I knew who the extra Boston butt was for. I told her to come back to the church that I had a surprise for her. As she arrived, I gave her the Boston butt and she started crying. She said that she had been praying for God to provide for her to be able to see her family that she had not seen in almost 2 years because of Covid.

          She also shared that she and her daughter had a strained relationship and with the daughter reaching out to come home to eat with her mom it was hopefully the first step in their reconciliation. I prayed with her and watched her drive away rejoicing to the Lord for answered prayer. I thanked God that He came through right on time for this lady with the food that she had prayed for.

          When I see things like this happen, I am always grateful for a God who not only knows our needs but is always at work behind the scenes to see that our needs are met. I was glad to be a part of giving the blessing to this lady that she had prayed for. It blessed and humbled me to be used of our heavenly Father in such a wonderful way.

In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs 

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