“God Is At Work Ahead Of Your Need”

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 God Is At Work Ahead Of Your Need

  Recently our church was a part of a food distribution program in our county. We were asked to participate in getting boxes of food distributed to needy families in our community. We made a list and ordered 15 boxes of food. When the boxes came in myself and a man in our church went and picked them up. We joined with a lady in our church and we split up the boxes so that we could get them delivered faster.

          I delivered all of my boxes except one. I searched and searched for the family in the community. We didn’t really know this family but I had seen them on the streets and knew that they were in need. I had told them to contact us and we would give them the food but they didn’t and I had no luck finding them.

          My wife drives the church van on Sundays and picks up several kids and teens. Before she left for her van route on Sunday I told her to see if there was a family that we could give the extra box of food to as most of it was perishable including milk, yogurt, cheese, fruits and some meats.  

          When I saw my wife after her van run she had this big ole smile on her face. She pulled me aside and told me that one of the teens when she got on the van had whispered in Michelle’s ear for her to please pray for her and her Mom (A single parent) that they could get some money for food as they were out and her Mom’s job was on lay off. Michelle assured her that they would have food that day.

          NOW I understand why I could not find the first family to deliver the food to. It wasn’t for them it was for THIS family. God was already at work orchestrating that the right box of food got to the right family at the right time they needed. This is not to say that He didn’t care about the other family but that He was providing for them in a different way.

          I love how God knows our needs before we do and that He is at work making things happen ahead of our needs. I think of the illustration from the story when Abraham was told by God to take his son Isaac up on the mountain to sacrifice him. Abraham trusted God and even told Isaac that “God would provide” when Isaac asked about where the ram was to be sacrificed. At just the right moment when Abraham was about to kill his only son God stopped him and told him to look behind him. There in the thicket was a ram acceptable for sacrifice.

          That means that while Abraham was going up one side of the mountain with Isaac to complete the sacrifice God was at work on the other side of the mountain sending a ram up that side so that it would meet Abraham at the right spot, at the right time. My prayer is that I will trust God more than ever and know that for every problem that I have He IS already at work going before me to provide the answer.

In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs 

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