God Our Protector

February 27, 2024

      The Bible has many verses that teach us that God is not only our creator but our protector also. The Holy Spirit is at work all around us and in us to protect us from the evils of this world. But He also protects us from the spiritual attacks that Satan throws at us. These attacks include physical pain, emotional and mental stress and distress, relationship issues, financial issues, and others. The enemy will basically attack us at any and every point that He can.

      But the good news is that God is at work protecting us from the attacks. Psalm 32:7 says, “You, O Lord, are my safe place; you will protect me from trouble…” A good exercise to do every day is to walk yourself through putting on the full armor of God found in Ephesians 6. Pray as you, in your mind and heart, strap on the belt of truth, the breastplate of His righteousness, the helmet of salvation, and the shoes of the gospel of peace. Claim victory as you take up the shield of faith and the sword of the Spirit. Put this armor on daily to protect you from the attacks and to give you confidence in the Lord as HE fights the battles for you.

      If you have on the full armor of God then the Holy Spirit is helping you fight the battles from without. We have free will choice but God sends the Holy Spirit to guide and lead us to protect us from the battles within us. That is why we need the Holy Spirit as our “bodyguard.”

      But sometimes our biggest enemy is ourselves. Have you seen the TV ad where the lady is shopping and she has her “bodyguard” with her? She asks him who he is protecting her from and he replies, “Mainly yourself” We can truly be our worst enemies. We lack faith, disobey God, want to be our own god. We are selfish, prideful, fearful, depressed, and easily distracted. The list of non-Christ-like characteristics goes on and on.

       The Holy Spirit comes and works in all these non-Christlike areas He convicts us and leads us to confess our sins and weakness, but He also helps us to repent of these sins. If we ask Him, He will come and live inside of us and strengthen us to have the faith and courage to resist temptation and let Christ rule and reign in our lives. He is truly our protector and helper in these spiritual battles.

      But a bodyguard (The Holy Spirit) is only effective if we stay close to Him and obey what He says for us to do for Him to keep us safe. If we get ahead of him or behind Him then we are on our own. If we try to go it on our own then we will give into the flesh and not be protected. If we do so, then we cannot blame the body guard for our disobedience.  He wants to help us and protect us but we must surrender control to Him. In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs

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