God – The Weed Eater

November 7, 2023

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A New Name For God – My Weed Eater.

There are many names for God in the Bible that all have meaning. For example, there are such names as: Jehovah Jirah – my provider, Jehovah Rophe -my healer, Jehovah Nissi – my banner and the list goes on. I have come up for a new name for God – Jehovah my weed eater. This is not being disrespectful but it is actually quite the opposite. Let me explain before you tune me out.

I was teaching a Bible study at a Christian business and we were talking about distractions. One guy spoke up and used an old expression that it was easy for him to “get lost in the weeds sometimes.” He meant that in trying to serve Jesus it was easy for Him to get distracted and find himself away from God and thus doing his own thing – not God’s.

As I thought about what he had said and I was recently exploring the different names for God, I thought that maybe we need to have God – our weed eater. It is His desire that we stay in fellowship with Him and follow His perfect will and plan for our life. But we all get distracted sometimes and find ourselves out in the weeds.

Most of us don’t recognize it when we start to wander off into the weeds and before we know it we are so far out in in the weeds that we can’t find the way back to the straight and narrow path. Oh we can try to work our way back and get back on track but most times it leads to us wandering around and getting frustrated.

How far and how deep that we get off into the weeds and how long that we stay there is up to us. God has a desire for us to return to Him but he will not drag us out. He will let us stay as long as we want to or as long as we refuse to ask Him for help. The longer that we stay the worse the weeds get to us OR we get use to them and wind up in deeper trouble.

The best plan is to cry out to our Father God – the weed eater. He will immediately take the spiritual weed eater and cut a path to us and lead us out of the weeds and back to the beautiful path of righteousness. He knows where we have been in the weeds the whole time but He loves us enough to give us a free will to choose and He loves us enough to protect us to certain level while we are living with our choices. But He will also allow enough discomfort and pain to make us want to get out of the weeds.

So cry out to Him and start looking through the weeds as He comes for you. Then when he cuts away the weeds and rescues you, have the good sense to stay close to Him so that you don’t wonder off into the weeds again. Also ask Him to direct your paths and to give you enough wisdom to realize when you are STARTING to drift off path so that you will cry out to Him before you go any further into the weeds.

The Holy Spirit is called the “Helper” in the Bible and it is His job to help you in every single area of your life that you need life. So call on Him BEFORE you get into the weeds.

In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs

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