God Will Shut The Door

August 30, 2022

God Will Shut The Door

Without telling anyone I had been having a few heart symptoms. Since I have had 4 stents and triple bypass surgery, I had an idea of what was going on but didn’t want to deal with it. So I pressed on without letting anyone know that I was sometimes having chest pains and tightness in my chest.

One day I decided to walk across a field and into the woods and work on one of my deer hunting stands. Since we had experienced a tremendous amount of rain, the path going to the stand on the edge of a field was too boggy to ride my hunting golf cart into the spot. I put the supplies that I needed to work on the stand into a lawn type cart. The plan was to walk between ¼ to ½ mile in while pulling the cart.

About one third of the way I began to experience some chest pains. Being the stubborn person that I am I was not going to let a little (Really a lot) of chest pains stop me. So I decided to trudge on to the stand deep in the woods.

About that time the sky opened up and it began to rain lightly with the threat that it was going to get worse. So I decided that I didn’t want to get wet and also have my chest also hurting. So I turned around and walked back to the truck dragging the cart. Just as I got back to the truck it really started raining hard and kept on raining the rest of the afternoon.

Fast forward a few weeks and I am still having chest pains when I exert myself. Then the unavoidable sign of pain radiating down my right arm convinced me that I needed to go and get it checked out. So I scheduled a cardiologist appointment.

Upon telling my cardiologist about my symptoms he immediately ordered a heart catheterization. At the catheterization the doctor had an extremely hard time breaking through calcified blockages in my arteries. I received 4 stents and a stern lecture from the Doctor (And my wife) to not let this situation get this bad again before I get it checked out.

As I look back on the situation, I can see how God allowed the rain to come at just the right moment to stop me from going deeper in the woods and possibly having a heart attack and dying. He protected me from the danger that was me. He is my heavenly Father and He loved me enough to stop me from doing something stupid and harming myself.

So if we won’t listen to His warnings and obey His directions He will intervene and protect us. That’s the kind of loving Heavenly Father that we have. He protects HIs children even when they don’t deserve it. So now that the next time something is going the way that you think that it should it might Be God closing a door and protecting you.

In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs

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