God’s Perfect Timing

December 5, 2023

God’s Perfect Timing – Part #2

I have written before about God’s perfect timing but I wanted to share some recent blessings to show that God still has perfect timing and is still working in our lives if we seek Him and will allow Him to work.

I was to do a Bible study one morning early at a local Christian business and I was struggling with a concept that I wanted to use (Flawless verses Blameless). I knew what it meant but was having a hard time trying to figure out how to explain it. I was up early that morning and had looked over my Bible study and I asked God to help me explain this concept.

When I get up early to prepare a Bible study, I usually don’t read my morning devotional until lunch time when I return home. I had some extra time before I had to leave and as I was praying the Holy Spirit prompted me to read my devotional. I resisted but finally gave in. When I opened the devotional for that day it was on -you guessed it – Flawless verses blameless. It gave me the perfect verses and examples that I need to teach that concept.

Later that day I met with a man who had lost a loved one and was going to see a grief counselor for his first session. I prayed with Him and he left. I was riding down the road several hours later and I saw the grief counselor getting out of his car at his home for lunch. Since he had not met the man who was grieving, I stopped and we talked about the grieving man and the situation. I was able to give the counselor some insights that would be helpful in this situation. He agreed that it was a God thing that we crossed paths at the moment that we did.

I called the grieving man and told him that I had met with the counselor and had shared all the vital information about the family to help the counselor become familiar with the situation. He agreed with me that God had sent me on that street at just the right time to see the counselor. We recognized that God was right on time to ensure that this man received the best help available.

God is at work all around us. Not only do I want to be in the center of His perfect will but also to be right on time for the blessings that He has for me and to use me for His glory. So intentionally look around and see what God is doing and seek His perfect will and timing. He loves to be right on time in blessing His children.

In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs

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