How Conductive Are You?

    January 10, 2023     

While building a fire in our fireplace recently I noticed an interesting concept. We had some oak, pecan, and other types of wood to burn. As I put different pieces of wood on the fire some types would immediately start to catch up and begin to burn. Other types would take a little longer and more coaxing to get fully engulfed.

One interesting factor was the pine kindling little strips of wood that I had prepared. These little tiny pieces of starter wood, in comparison to the large pieces of burning wood, served well as conductors to help the fire get started. When a piece of pine kindling was put into the embers it was almost as if the fire would leap to it and flame up – thus helping the other larger pieces get hot and burn more efficiently.

Compare that concept to our lives. How good of a conductor of the Holy Spirit of God are you? Are you one who “gets on fire” really easily when the Holy Spirit’s fire begins to fall? Or are you one that it takes a lot more coaxing and heat for you to surrender to the cleansing fire of the Spirit?  Maybe you are one whose wood is wet and it is almost impossible for you to allow the fire of the Holy Spirit to touch you or light you.

Another aspect is whether you are like the pine kindling and you leap to the presence of the Holy Spirit and then you conduct the fire to others around you. You never know how you might be able to help light someone else’s fire and encourage them to burn brightly for God. So be a conductor.

In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs  

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