If You Love Someone Let Them Know

February 13, 2024

          With Valentine’s Day coming I wanted to talk about expressing our love to one another. I wanted to share a couple of incidents that happened on the same day to reveal a contrast.

          The first incident occurred when I was conducting a premarital counseling session with a couple in preparations for their upcoming wedding. As a part of an exercise I had given them homework to write down 5 reasons why they wanted to marry each other but none of the answers could be that it was just because they loved one another. The couples gave some very creative answers and I pointed out to them that their answers were really another way of expressing their genuine love.

          The blissful couple had love written all over them. They held hands and giggled together. You could tell by the way that they looked at one another that they were excited about spending their lives together with each other and seeing their love grow. I point out to them the passage from I Corinthians 13: 4-7 where the Bible describes real love and challenges them to live in that kind of love each day.

          Later that same evening I was called to a hospital to minister to a man who was dying of cancer. The family and friends had been called in and each person was going into the ICU and spending time and basically saying their goodbyes. As I entered the man’s ICU room the man’s best friend and coworker of 30 years was in the room.

          The coworker was crying and he turned and looked at the man in the bed and said, “I have known you for over 30 years and I want to tell you that I love you. I haven’t ever said that to you before but I wanted to say it now.” He then turned around and told each of us in the room that if we told anyone what he had said he would kill us. In other words he didn’t want anyone to know that he had told someone that he loved them. (I will never divulge the man’s name because I think that he was serious about the killing part)

          Now I know that this was two different types of love but what a contrast in the way that it was expressed. The couple could easily say that they loved one another both verbally and in their nonverbal actions. The man could not tell his best friend of 30 years that he loved him until his dying moments and then with the threat to not let anyone know that he had actually said it.

          We need to let those that we love know it NOW. Every day we need to express our love in words, action and deeds before it is too late – before that person dies or the marriage or relationship dies from lack of expression. God shows us His love every day through a million different avenues. Take the time on more than Valentine’s Day to express your love to your mate, children, relatives and friends.  It will make everyone’s lives better, plus you won’t look back one day and wish that you had said those words more or shown your love in more ways.   In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs 

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