Intentionally Lost

May 2, 2023

Intentionally Lost

I was talking with an elderly friend and he told me that he had lost his cell phone. I asked him if his family had an app where you could locate one another by where their cell phone was at. He said that they did. I told him that a family member could look at their phone and show him where his phone was. He told me that they had already done that but it was still “lost” With a gleam in his eye, he said: “It is “intentionally lost.” I know about where it is but I just don’t want to find it right now. That thing bothers me some time and I just need to lose it to get a little peace”

I thought about what my friend said and I can fully understand how and why we all want to “lose” our phones sometimes. They can be a bother and maybe there are times when we don’t really want others to know where we are at. I don’t mean that we want to be alone to do something evil or wrong in secret – we just want to be alone and not have to answer to other people for a little while.

The words “intentionally lost” kept rolling through my mind. How many people are intentionally lost when it comes to salvation? How many people don’t want others to know where they are at or what they are doing because they are not doing the right thing? How many people don’t want to associate with others because they have something sinful in their heart and don’t want others to know and thus correct them? How many people want to be intentionally lost because they don’t love God nor themselves and thus have a hard time loving others?

The problem with trying to be intentionally lost is that God has a tracker on your heart and he ALWAYS knows where you are. The Bible tells us that there is nowhere in the universe that we can go to get away from Him. We may intentionally reject and run from Him but He never gives up on us and His desire that we be in fellowship with Him. In our pursuit to find (Worldly) peace by not being accountable to God, we miss out on the most amazing true peace we can ever imagine. The Bible calls it, “The peace of God that passes all understanding.”

The end result of my friend having his cell phone intentionally lost is that if he were in trouble and couldn’t get to his phone, he could die because he couldn’t get medical help. The end result of being intentionally lost spiritually is that you will miss Heaven and spend all eternity in Hell.

We should rejoice that God offers us His wonderful plan of salvation so that we can be “intentionally FOUND” and thus enjoy the peace, protection, and promises of Heaven that He gives us as one of His children. If you are intentionally lost, please make a turn around and surrender to God. He already knows everything about you and He STILL loves you and wants to help you be found for all eternity.

In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs

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