Is The Lord Your Lord?

February 28, 2023

   All throughout the Bible the phrase, “The Lord Your God” is repeatedly used. But do we really know what it means? In breaking it down we see the words, “The Lord”.  The question can be asked: Is He your Lord? When a person gets saved and asks Jesus to forgive them of their sins Jesus becomes their Savior. If they died right then they would go to Heaven because they have trusted Jesus by faith and He is their redeemer and savior.

But for many Christians that is as far as they ever go. They have the assurance that Jesus has saved them but they never reach a point of making Him their LORD. They have “fire insurance” that they won’t go to Hell but they still want control of their lives and don’t want Jesus to rock the comfortable boat that they are living in.

They have, in essence, had their sins forgiven but they don’t really have a personal relationship with the one who died for their sins. They have a shallow, head knowledge about Jesus but not a deep heart knowledge of Him. The Bible calls this type of Christian “carnal” and doesn’t speak good things about that type of relationship with Jesus.

To make Jesus your Lord you must surrender yourself to His Lordship. In fact, you must die (Spiritually) to your old way of life and allow Jesus to be the Lord over your life. You die to old selfish ways and you give Jesus permission to make you what the Bible calls, “A new creation. ´ He doesn’t leave you dead but raises you to a new way of life. When Jesus is in charge you begin to think, speak, and act differently than you do when you are the lord of your life.

The most wonderful thing about asking and allowing Jesus to be your Lord is that He can do a whole lot better job of running your life than you can. He can be your provider, your protector, your peacemaker, your power source, and the list goes on and on. Since we cannot live a holy life on our own, HE can live it through us when we make Him the Lord.  

You can stop trying to be good enough and work your way to Heaven. Just accept Jesus as being your Lord and know that He has already paid the price for your sins and prepared a home for you in Heaven. All we have to do is trust and live under His Lordship every day. He promises to help us and to give us peace that passes all understanding. He also promises to meet all of our needs according to His immeasurable riches. So surrender today and enjoy the benefits of Jesus being your LORD.

In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs

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