Judgment Free Zone

April 23, 2024

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Judgement Free Zone          

Have you heard the commercial for one of the fitness places that advertises a “Judgement Free Zone”?  When I heard this ad my first thought was, “Wow. That is what the church should be – a judgment-free zone.” The church is a hospital for sinners not a rest home for saints. The church should be a place where you can come and be safe to share the problems, troubles, and brokenness of your life without being judged.          

The church is a place where a person should feel safe, encouraged, and most of all loved. The church should be a place where sinners are welcome and they can find healing and rest from their troubles.

Unfortunately, some church people feel it is their job to look down their noses at and discourage those who are not where they think that they are. Amazingly these church people are showing how spiritually immature they are by judging other people instead of accepting and loving them.        

Truth be told Jesus reminded us that NO ONE is qualified to judge others except Him. In the story in John 8 about the woman caught in adultery. Jesus told a group of church people that He who was without sin should judge the lady and stone her. Since they all had sinned before they dropped their stones and snuck away. He asked the woman who was caught in adultery where those were who judged her and she looked around and they were gone.        

Now I want to clarify that we don’t have to love or even accept the sins (Deeds) that the person has done but we need to learn to love the person (Sinner) as Christ loves them – despite their sin. How else can a sin-sick person be made well unless they are accepted and loved by the other sinners who have been healed of their sins?
We should want to share the medicine that made us well (The blood of Jesus) rather than criticize the sinner for getting sick.          

Christians, be an encourager in pointing sinners to the one who can save and heal them. Don’t be a hindrance or discouragement to those who need the saving grace, mercy, and love of Jesus. Let’s create “Judgement Free Zones” in our churches and in our lives. The big part of the church is called the Sanctuary. That means a safe place. Let’s make our churches a safe place for people to come and find help and the love of Jesus.

In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs

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