Just One Drop #2

April 4, 2023

Just One Drop Of Sin Is Deadly – Part 2

          In my last devotional I talked about how one drop of battery acid had ruined my good blue jeans and how one drop of sin can ruin our lives. Today I want to share more on that subject.

I heard a great illustration of how we should feel about even a little bit of sin. A youth leader had baked a batch of chocolate brownies for his youth group. As the group came in for their meeting, they all could smell the brownies and wanted some of them. The youth leader said sure but I have to tell you about them first.

He asked how many people would like to have a brownie. All hands went up. He told they great but they needed to know. One little speck of dog poop had fallen into the batter when it was being stirred before he baked them. He asked again how many people still wanted a brownie. All hands went down except a couple of the immature boys who wanted to show off. (If you have ever worked with teens, you know what I am talking about)

The youth leader cut a brownie and gave it to one of the boys. He put it up to his lips and with anxious eyes tried to take a bite but he couldn’t. The youth leader (Who knew that there wasn’t really any dog poop in the brownie) asked him what was wrong. The boy said that he just couldn’t take a bite knowing that he might get the dog poop.

Another teen boy trying to impress everyone took the brownie and took a bite. He immediately spit it out and responded like he was going to throw up. He said that the thought of the dog poop getting in him made him sick. He asked the youth leader for some Pepto Bismol to help his now uneasy stomach.

The youth leader gave a great example to the teen group and to us. We should avoid ALL sin – even what we call little sins. If we do find ourselves taking a bite of sin, we should spit it out (Confess it) and try to avoid it at all cost because it will make us sin sick. Sin sickness is far more deadly (Spiritually) than physical sickness that can most times be treated.

 Sin sickness can be treated but we must be willing to go to the Great Physician (Jesus) who died so that we could be forgiven and healed of our sin sickness. The Bible tells us in Isaiah 53:5 that “…by His (Jesus’) stripes we are healed.”  When Jesus was beaten with a whip and it left stripes upon His back it was so that the penalty of OUR sins could be paid for. So Jesus took the awful medicine for us so that we could be healed of sin sickness. In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs

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