Nazarene Missions International


Half-Million Prayer Mobilization

Church of the Nazarene – USA/Canada Region

50 Days of Prayer from Easter to Pentecost

Starting Easter through Pentecost 2024, Blessing Our Community will be the focus of our prayers. The emphasis for 2024 is for local churches to engage with people in their immediate communities in order to serve them and show them the hope of Christ for their lives. Blessing our community is where it starts. We begin by making friends, building relationships, and attending to those divine appointments the Lord sets up for us when we serve.

This prayer journal contains weekly themes related to the heart cry of blessing our community. Each daily devotional will focus on a scripture related to this idea. We will pray for The Cycle of Resurgence: Blessing Our Community.

We encourage you to join in! Read and pray daily following this Prayer Journal.

—Jeff Alexander
Director of Strategy, USA/Canada Region
Church of the Nazarene