No Shortcuts

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April 30, 2024

 “No Shortcuts”          

A member of our church is a young man who is a very talented tractor mechanic. He recently changed jobs from working for one tractor brand to another. We say that he has gone from green to red. This guy has been doing this for a long time so he really knows his job well.         

As a part of the change over to the new tractor brand he had to be checked out on his knowledge, skill, and new terminology for the tractors. This guy passed all the most difficult technical aspects of the exam but flunked the most basic part. The test consisted of 15 parts and he passed 10 of them. He could have just taken the four parts that he needs to improve on. But he decided to take all 15 parts to refresh his knowledge and improve his skills.

These tests will require a sacrifice of time and energy but he feels like it is best to start off with this new company by not taking short cuts. When I heard about this, I applauded this man’s commitment to his trade and dedication to studying to be able to do his very best.

Satan offered the first shortcut to Eve in the Garden of Eden. He told her that if she ate the forbidden fruit she could take a shortcut from being a mere human to being a god (Little G) and be as smart as God (Big G). In a lesson for all of us to learn Eve learned the truth that shortcuts have consequences. Eve was now aware of her sinful disobedience and suffered shame and guilt. As a result of her shortcut ALL of humanity since then has inherited a sinful nature.

Then there is Jesus’ love for us and dedication to complete the task that He was sent to Earth to do – die for the sins of the whole world. The Devil offered Jesus so many shortcuts and schemes to keep Him from accomplishing His Father’s perfect will. From the temptation of Jesus in the desert to the idea that He could call 10,000 angels to rescue Him from the cross,

Jesus was tempted to take shortcuts but He NEVER compromised or took the easy way out.  Satan still tries to offer us shortcuts to suit ourselves and not obey God’s will and plans for our lives. He is so sly and crafty that he tempts man to think that we can take shortcuts and not have to be obedient.

We haven’t learned the lesson that Satan introduced us to through Eve – Shortcuts have consequences. Shortcuts usually cause problems both in physical life and spiritual life. Be willing to take the long proper route. In the long run, the results will be far better than the consequences of shortcuts.

In Love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs

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