One Call, That’s All

March 19, 2024

An attorney’s office has the advertising slogan, “One call, that’s all.” What they mean is that if you have a legal problem then give them one call and they will handle the case for you. They take the case and they take full responsibility to cover all of the details of the case and do their best to win the case for you. They even say that if they don’t win your case then you don’t have to pay. (If they do win your case then the fees and percentage of what they get for winning is substantial)         

When it comes to salvation God says to us that we can cry out to Him one time and He will save us. We don’t have to keep on crying out over and over to receive His forgiveness. He promises us in many places in the Bible that anyone who calls upon the name of the Lord in genuine faith will be saved. We don’t have to keep on calling on Him to forgive the same sin that He has already forgiven us of.         

When God forgives our sin, He erases it like it never happened. He also wants us to repent of that sin and not continue doing it repeatedly. But once He forgives us, He also wants to give us the power of the Holy Spirit to help us overcome the temptation of that sin. It is possible to be delivered from a sinful habit or addiction.         

I know that the Bible says to pray without ceasing and to call on the Name of the Lord for help but that isn’t referring to salvation. We don’t get saved over and over again every time that we sin. Sin breaks our fellowship with God and we need to confess every sin. Unconfessed sin will keep us out of Heaven but we need to ask God for forgiveness of sin once we are a Christian so that we can be restored in our broken fellowship with Him.        

If we don’t confess our sins when we are Christians then we are living in disobedience. We don’t have to ask to be saved every day but we do need to ask the Holy Spirit to search us each day to see if there is anything that we need to confess and be made Holy and pure.           

Our forgiveness is free because Jesus paid the price for our sins on the cross. But the price wasn’t cheap. It cost Jesus Christ His life. His blood wins the case over sin every time. So we get to enjoy the benefits of an abundant Christian life down here and then life eternal with all the awesome blessings of Heaven. So if you have never made that one call to God to forgive you then you are missing out. Make that one today and that will be all that you need. In Love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs

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