One Drop Of Sin

March 28, 2023

Just One Drop Of Sin Is Deadly- Part #1

I recently had to put some battery acid in a small battery in order to get it ready to work. I tried very hard to be very careful and not spill any of the acid. I thought that I had done an excellent job and moved onto the next task. When my good blue jeans were run through the washing machine, I noticed a spot on the right leg about as big as a pinhead. I didn’t think much about it.

The next time that they were washed I noticed that the pin sized hole had become bigger. It dawned on me that I had let one little tiny drop of the battery acid get on my good jeans and now they were ruined. They are now only fit to be used as work in the yard jeans as I can’t wear them with a nice shirt with an ever-expanding hole in them. (I know that people pay big money for jeans with holes in them but that is another subject for another day)

So this one little tiny drop of acid ruined my good jeans. I never even saw it and had tried my best to avoid it. But now the damage is done. So now the question is how much sin does it take in your life to ruin it? It only takes a little bit. One you give place to one little drop of sin in your life it grows and destroys everything that it comes in contact with.

When you get comfortable with that one little drop then it becomes easier for bigger drops to find a home in your heart without you stopping them. You reason that the one little drop didn’t do that much damage and you didn’t die from it, so you can handle bigger drops when they come.

The problem is that you DID start to die spiritually by allowing that first little drop. Spiritual death doesn’t usually lead to immediate physical death so we tolerate it without realizing that it is slowly killing our relationship with God. Sin undealt with (Unconfessed and repented of) is like untreated cancer. It may now kill you when you are first diagnosed but eventually it will destroy you.

The Bible encourages us to avoid ALL sin, not just what we call “big” sins. Sin is sin and you can miss Heaven over one unconfessed little sin as much as murder, rape, adultery. Our God is a Holy God and He can’t look upon ANY sin – no matter what size.

The good news is that if we do sin of any size, it can be forgiven and the deadly consequences done away with. We just have to hear the beautiful words in I John 1:9 “If we confess our sin, (God) is faith to forgive us our sin, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs

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