April 9, 2024

Tuesday’s Truth is a free weekly devotional shared by Rev. Gary Mimbs


Over the years God has sent older people into my life to help shape me into being a better Christian. These people have modeled through their lifestyle what it means to be a true child of God. Each one has taught me a different aspect of being Christlike in all areas of life and I am eternally grateful.

The latest example is a man who is the perfect example of being as selfless as Christ was. This man is a little bit older than me and he would never take any kind of credit for the things that he does but he has given so much of himself to me and everyone else that he meets. His thoughts are constantly about how he can make other people’s lives better in some way. He and his wife give much of their time, talents, and treasure to serving in various ministries.

He is a recent example of his influence on me. We were to go deer hunting together. I met him at his house and prepared to travel the 22 miles to the hunting club that he is a member of. I usually transfer all my hunting stuff to his truck and we leave.

That day I put part of my hunting stuff in his truck and went to use the bathroom. When I returned, he had taken my hunting coat out of my truck and put it on the hood of his truck. I got the coat and we left for the hunt.

When we got to the hunting land and had prayed, I looked in the back of the truck to start the hunt and realized that because of me getting out of my routine, I had left my rifle in my truck. When I told this friend what I had done he immediately said, “No problem you take my gun and I will either stay in the truck or go back and get your gun while you hunt.” I would not dare do that to him because of my mistake. So, we drove the 22 miles back to his house and the 22 miles back to the hunting club.

I must admit that God dealt with my heart. If the circumstances had been reversed, I selfishly would have offered for us to go back and get his gun. I would be thinking that my giving up my hunting time was a sacrifice. I am very peculiar about my gun and it never crossed my mind to offer my gun to someone else to use – (Selfish I admit). I am asking God to rewire me to be more like Jesus and more like my mentor so that I would think first to give up my gun, and anything else that I possess to make someone else’s life better.

Jesus is the perfect example of this concept. He ALWAYS thought of others first – even to the point of His dying on the cross so that the whole world could be saved. He NEVER holds back or thinks of Himself first. His love is unmeasurable for every individual ever born and even for those yet to be born. Lord, please make me more like you and less like me. I surrender every aspect of my being to you.

In Love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs

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