Someone Watching Over Us

September 27, 2022

Someone Watching Over Us

           I recently attended a graveside service for a relative of a member of our church. Since I didn’t know the man being buried very well, I stood at the back so other people who knew him could be closer to the graveside. As I was standing at the graveside with several other dozens of people, I observed something. The mother of a little toddler about 18 months old was trying to keep him corralled in the back so as to not distract other people. He was not bad, just a very active little fellow and she had her hands full trying to keep up with him.

             He got away from her one time and found a spot on the ground about 10 feet from me and laid down. He was tired and looked like he was going to take a nap. The only problem was he was about 3 feet from an ant bed. I was in a dilemma. If I go to him and pick him up and try to move him, he may scream and holler in fear and confusion. If I let him lay there pretty soon the ants are going to find him and bite him and then he will scream bloody murder.

             As I was deciding what to do, I whispered a prayer and asked God to either move the child or give me wisdom on how to move him. About that time the child decided that he had rested long enough and he got up on his own and started his toddling journey again. I whispered “Thank you God for moving him from danger”

         As I thought about this situation, I could just imagine our Heavenly Father looking down on us as we “toddle” around on the earth. Just as I had a view looking down on the child and I could see things that he couldn’t see, our Heavenly Father looks down on us His children and sees things (Good and Bad) that are all around us. Since He loves and cares for us, many times He moves us or stops us to prevent danger and pain even when we don’t know or realize it.

       What a wonderful thought that we have someone who loves us to the deepest level looking over us and protecting us. As we trust Him He will direct our paths and keep us from harming ourselves. Even when we break away from His guidance, He never takes His eyes off of us and gives up on us.

In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs

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