“Something To Look Forward To”

April 2, 2024

Tuesday’s Truth is a free weekly devotional shared by Rev. Gary Mimbs 

Something To Look Forward To.          

While at the Middle school for prayer with the students I talked with a school secretary and a couple of teachers. When I asked them how it was going, they all, at separate times, said the same thing – “It’s only 2 more days to our winter break” The winter break means a week out of school for the students and more importantly the teachers and administrators. They were all looking forward to being out for a week.          

Later in the day, I talked with someone else and they reported to me that they couldn’t wait for an upcoming event. As I write this my wife and I are looking forward to welcoming our third grandchild into the world. When we look forward to a positive event it gives us hope, anticipation, excitement, and, dreams of a better time. The opposite is true in that when we know that a bad experience is coming (A root canal for example) we have a sense of dread for the time to arrive.         

Another facet of having something good to look forward to is that it gives you a purpose to live for. If you awaken and know that you have something good to do that day or that week, it gives you a drive to see that event happen. The opposite is true in that if you awaken and there is nothing good coming on the horizon then you say, “What’s the use?” and you drag and even dread facing the day.         

Jesus promised to give us an abundant life here on earth as well as our Heavenly reward. So why don’t we start being intentional in looking for something good to be striving for? For these teachers and school folks it was just a few days off- a break from the routine. For you, it may be a special lunch, a short trip, or a new piece of clothing. Find something significant to you and make it something to look forward to. It will change your whole attitude.         

As a Christian, you have the thrill, hope, and dream of going to Heaven one day. That should give you a special motivation to want to live every day in breathless anticipation of how wonderful that day will be. This should drive us each day to live in such a way as to make sure that we are going there but also enjoy the journey. We should live in such excitement that it makes others want to go there with us. In Love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs

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