Thankful For The Behind The Scenes People

November 30, 2021

I know that last week was Thanksgiving but I wanted to carry it over to this week. Over the years in my ministry, I have been fortunate to have many people who fill the role of behind-the-scenes people. These faithful servants do a multitude of tasks that most people never know about yet it keeps the wheels of ministry spinning – and I will add at a more efficient pace. These behind-the-scenes folks free up others who have to be upfront to be able to do more and use their talents for the Kingdom.

          I have seen folks show up early to make the coffee and unlock the doors, and turn on the lights. They also are there to lock up and turn off the lights. They prepare documents, fold bulletins, clean untidy rooms, decorate bulletin boards… and the list goes on and on. Some even give sums of money behind the scenes so that a certain project or ministry can function or be fulfilled.

All of these tasks are very important and if they were not done other people would know really quickly and usually complain because they were not done. These unsung heroes are usually humble and when you thank them for their service, they deflect the attention away from themselves and say that they really aren’t doing that much. Or that they can’t sing, preach, or teach, etc so they are doing what they can.

So as a pastor I just want to say THANK YOU and let you know that what you are doing behind the scenes many times is far MORE IMPORTANT than what is happening on stage or in the spotlight. Without your faithful service, it would be a lot more difficult for the ministry to function.

Also, know that God sees your selfless service and one day HE will reward you and you will hear those words, “Well done thy good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of your reward”.

In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs 

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