The Advocate

July 11, 2023

 The Advocate

 I have talked about how the Bible says in I John 2:1, “My dear children, I write this to you so that you will not sin. But if anybody does sin, we have an advocate with the Father—Jesus Christ, the Righteous One.” I have talked about how this word advocate means “one who intercedes on the behalf of another.” I love to preach about how Jesus is our advocate and when the accuser, the devil, accuses us and we have confessed our sins, Jesus steps in as our advocate and takes care of our case in Heaven’s court.

 I am getting to experience the work of an advocate on my behalf in real life. My health insurance is through my wife’s job. When I had some medical treatment done awhile back there was a mix up in the billing. The hospital billed me for OBGYN services for a trip to the emergency room to have a severe finger injury seen about. Needless to say, the insurance would not pay for OBGYN services for me. So the struggle between the hospital and the insurance company began with me in the middle. The hospital continued to contact me to pay the bill.

 The insurance company was willing to pay if the hospital would straighten out the bill. The hospital kept insisting that it was not a mistake on their end and so they continued to call me. Finally, the insurance company turned the case over to their legal department and a lawyer (Advocate) was assigned to my case.

The legal firm sent me a letter that I took in person to the hospital. The letter advised the hospital that the advocate was now handling the case and for the hospital to not contact me concerning the case. The legal firm was interceding on my behalf.

 This is an earthly picture of what goes on in Heaven. When we commit a sin, the accuser brings charges against us in Heaven’s court. The Holy Spirit notifies our heart that we have sinned. We confess our sin and receive forgiveness of our sin. There is now no condemnation, guilt, or shame against us by God because Jesus intercedes for us and takes our penalty, guilt, and shame. He can do this because He has paid the price for these sins on the cross of Calvary.

 But the devil still wants to come back and accuse us and try to convince us that we are guilty and we must pay the price for our sin. When he does that just like I do the hospital when they call me – tell him that this case has been turned over to an advocate and that HE is handling the case. The devil must talk to HIM about the case. Thank God for our advocate – Jesus Christ. Case closed at the cross.

In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs

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