The Power of a Praying Mom

August 8, 2023

 The Power Of A Praying Mama.

 My associate pastor and I were to go from Fitzgerald to Valdosta for a lunch meeting with other pastors. We left and got about 12 miles down the road and got behind a crew paving the road. After about a 10-minute wait I got out of the line and turned around to take another route.

 As we started down this route, we entered a curve and an 18-wheeler was coming at us in our lane. I didn’t panic but just went as far over to the right as I could to avoid the collision. The driver of the big truck realized his error and pulled the truck back into his lane. As he went by us there was only inches between us. The associate pastor and I said “Thank you Lord for protecting us”

 We made it to the interstate and started traveling South. I was in the extreme left lane near the median. I looked into my rear and side mirrors and the middle lane was clear. I merged into the middle lane only to immediately see a grey colored car right bedside us on the right-hand side. The car had been in the far-right hand lane and ran up behind a slower car. Then the driver had cut over to the middle lane to pass the slower car without realizing that we were in the middle lane already.

 The driver of the grey car snatched the steering wheel and over-corrected. As I looked back in the rear-view mirror, I could see the car flipping over and over down the ditch on the right-hand side of the interstate. In a true blessing from God an ambulance was right behind us and when they saw the accident, they turned on their emergency lights and went to check on the people in the grey car.

We went down the road to the next exit and turned around to come back to the accident scene. The associate pastor and I were praying for the people in the car as we both assumed that they were killed since it was such a horrific crash.

When we arrived at the crash scene a young man was being treated by the paramedics as he only had a couple of cuts and bruises. The car was totally smashed and the associate pastor and I could only look at in wonder of how someone could walk away from such a totally destroyed car.

Later that day I called my mom and told her what had happened. She asked me what time this had occurred. I told her around 11:30 and she told me that between 11:15 and 11:30 the Holy Spirit had impressed upon her to pray for me. She said that the impression was so strong that she stopped what she was doing and began praying for me. Thank God for the POWER OF A PRAYING MOM.

I thought about it and will never know if the young man in the grey car had a praying mom or not- but somebody was praying for him because he should have been dead. So Mom’s keep on praying for your children. God hears the prayers of moms a little bit stronger than regular prayers. 

In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs

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