The Stained Glass Jesus

November 21, 2023

The Stained Glass Jesus

Our church has a beautiful stained-glass image of Jesus with His hands upon a huge stone praying. It is right above our baptistry and above my head as I preach every Sunday. I look at it many times and am inspired. Many Sundays I look at it and ask Jesus to help me as I speak that day. Sometimes when I really need help, I will go into the dark sanctuary and turn on no lights except the one that shines through the image.

As beautiful, wonderful, and inspiring as this stained glass image is – it is not the Jesus that we need. That stained glass Jesus has not moved from that wall in the 4 years that I have pastored this church. It is in the same location all the time – just sitting there – beautiful and inspiring – but not real.

What we need is a “real” Jesus who comes to us when we call on Him. We need a Jesus who comes into our heart to comfort us when we hurt. To cry when we cry and lift us up when the world has knocked us down. We need a “real” Jesus – not just a beautiful image on the wall. We even need a “real” Jesus to come and convict us of sin and correct us when we are wrong.

Many people only know the stained-glass Jesus but they do not have a personal relationship with the real Jesus. Some people wear a cross around their neck but they do not fully understand what that cross truly means and the price that was paid for their sin. Some people only know about Jesus in their head but they don’t have a deep love for Him in their heart.

God not only sent His son Jesus to die for our sins but He has sent the Holy Spirit to live in our heart and be the real Jesus to us and for us. When Jesus ascended back to Heaven, He promised that God the Father would send the Holy Spirit to live inside of us. His role would be to comfort, guide and lead us, convict us, and show us how to live the Holy life. This is how Jesus is fulfilling the promise that He made to “be with us always until the end of the earth”

Jesus also promised us that He would return to claim His own. So don’t be putting your faith and hope in a stained glass Jesus. Have a real, up to date relationship with Jesus and when He comes back, He will be far more beautiful than any stained glass Jesus that has ever been created by man.

In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs

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