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November 3, 2020

Lessons From The Corn Maze

          Michelle and I had the honor of having the grandchildren for the weekend. So we decided to visit a farm in the area that has all kinds of interesting activities during the fall time of the year. One of the attractions was the 17 acre corn maze. We got our map that showed us where the points of interest were along the maze trails.

          We got started and traveled about a third of the way into the corn maze when 5 year old Amelia decided that walking through paths of tall (To her) corn was not her idea of an exciting time. She failed to see the thrill or challenge of discovering the points in the maze along the way.

          So she asked Michelle and I if she could go back to the car and wait until we were through. Knowing that she could not make it back on her own and certainly not even entertaining the thought of having her make the journey on her own and stay by herself I volunteered to take her back to the car.

          As we started on the way back she kept asking questions like if we were going the right way and what if we got lost. I assured her that I knew the way back to the car. Almost every time that we would make a turn onto a trail she wanted to know if we were going the right way. I would offer her words of encouragement.

          I finally told her my “secret”. I told Amelia that I could see over the corn and I could see the place where we came into the maze. I assured her that we were going in the right direction and that we would be there soon. She trusted me and sure enough we came out right at the entrance point. Even though she could not see above the corn she trusted me that I could see the end and that we would make it.

          This is a lot like our journey of life. A we travel along we get tired, weary, frustrated and disoriented. We can even get lost and are not sure if we are going the right way. But if we ask our Heavenly Father to guide and lead us we can trust Him in faith that He sees the end of the journey and that He will guide us every step of the way. He will never lead us astray or in the wrong direction.

          He also provides the Holy Spirit to give us direction, guidance, and encouragement along the way. What we can’t see He can and His ways are perfect if we will just trust Him and follow His guidance. Just like I would never leave Amelia alone or run off and leave her behind, the Holy Spirit watches over us and is there to protect us. We must keep in step with Him in order to arrive safely.

In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs

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