Tuesday’s Truth

Tuesday’s Truth is a free weekly devotional shared by Rev. Gary Mimbs

December 1, 2020

He IS Coming Back To Get Us? Right?

          Recently my grandson Aiden and I got the opportunity to deer hunt some great property that a family in our church owns. We met the guy who was taking us hunting that afternoon and he used his UTV to take us deep into the river swamp to where our hunting stand would be. Aiden and I hunted all afternoon but didn’t see anything to shoot.

          As it got dark and we got down from the stand you could tell that Aiden was getting a little bit anxious. He kept turning on his flash light and looking back toward the dirt path that comes into the stand. Finally he said what was on his mind. He said, “Pepaw. This man IS coming back to get us? Right?”  I assured him that the man was coming back to get us. Aiden suggested that we start walking back but I reminded him that we had crossed a creek in the UTV and we couldn’t cross it without getting wet so we just needed to wait on the guy to come and get us.

          After several more long minutes of darkness creeping in Aiden asked, “Pepaw. How do you know that he is coming back to get us?” I told him that I knew because I knew the man real well and that he was a man of his word and he would come back and get us because he promised that he would. Aiden trusted me because he knew that I trusted the man who was coming to get us. Even though Aiden did stay pretty close to me.

          A few minutes later we heard the sound of the UTV coming our way. Aiden took his flashlight and ran out to the path and starting waving it all around. He wanted to make sure that the man saw us and didn’t miss us or pass us by. When the man got to us Aiden was glad to see him and he made a bee line to get on board the UTV.

          I thought about this incident in terms of Jesus’ promise to come back and get His children. Jesus has promised that He WILL return. We just have to wait on Him to fulfill that promise. Just like I assured Aiden that the guy was coming back to get us because I knew Him and knew that I could trust his promise to come back, we can trust the words of Jesus. The more that we know Jesus the more that we can trust Him with an even stronger confidence that He will keep His promises.

          We may get like Aiden and be a little anxious but just like he had his Pepaw with him to give him courage and strength, we have the Holy Spirit to be with us during our anxious moments. Also just like Aiden we may want to not wait where we are told to and strike out going on our own. We need to be reminded that Jesus is the ONLY way and He WILL come back and get us. Also when Jesus does come back He doesn’t need us to be signaling Him of where we are. He knows His own and He will bring each and every saved person with Him as He goes back to Heaven.

          We call the Christmas season ADVENT because it means “COMING”. We celebrate the first coming of Jesus at Christmas. But we also look forward to His second coming. We don’t know exactly when it will be but we should be ready and not fearful because He WILL keep his promise to come back and get us. 

In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs 

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