“Secret Love Potions /Fragrances”

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(With Valentine’s Day coming up I thought that I would reshare this classic that I wrote several years ago.)

Secret Love Potions /Fragrances

          I know that this is an unusual topic for a preacher to share but I am also a husband and have been that longer than I have been a preacher. I want to share with the men out there some secret love potions/ fragrances guaranteed to improve your relationship with your wife.  

Maybe you have been married long enough that you are taking your wife for granted. Also you now find that she is either too tired or has too much to do to pay attention to you. Then here is the solution that I guarantee will work. Forget about all of that fancy perfume. Here are some fragrances that when she smells them it will set her in a frenzy. I have been married for 37 years and these have all proven true. So here we go.

Love potion#1 – Spic and span / pine sol or any cleaner like that. Let her come home and find that you have been scrubbing the house to make it cleaner and take away some of her work and she will be mighty pleased.

Love potion#2 – Carpet fresh and Mop-N-Glow. Not only will she be mighty pleased if she finds that you have scrubbed the house but if you have vacuumed and mopped – all that I can say is WOW – look out. She may even go fishing with you or at least let you go.

Love potion#3– Any flavor of dish washing soap. If you throw in doing the dishes (Even in the dishwasher and unloading it) bonus hugs and kisses coming your way.

Love potion #4 – Laundry detergent and dryer sheets. She didn’t mess up all of the clothes and when she gets home and finds that they are all cleaned, folded and put up – you are going to see a big attitude change in her.

Optional love potion #5– Coffee – when she smells this sultry elixir she will be putty in your hands. She may even cook your favorite meal.

Now of course all of this has to be done in sincerity. You can’t just pour pine sol down the drain and make it smell better. You have to ACTUALLY DO the tasks necessary in order to receive the reward.

If she catches you cheating by just sprinkling carpet fresh out and not vacuuming then all of this advice is out the window and you are likely going to sleep with “Ole Blue” in the dog house. By doing this you will also be passing all of these love potions down to your sons. Remember – HAPPY WIFE = HAPPY LIFE.

In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs