“Please God Put It On Me”

Tuesday’s Truth is a free weekly devotional shared by Rev. Gary Mimbs

Please God Put It On Me

          When our family was rocked with the news last week that our oldest son Ryne had cancer it blew me away. I was not prepared to hear that kind of news. After the initial shock I started praying / bargaining with God. I said something like, “Oh God take Ryne’s cancer and put it on me. Let me have it instead of him. He is 35 years old with two precious children that need a Daddy. He is a great Christian dad, father, and teacher. I am 63 years old and I have lived a great life. Please let me have it instead of him”

           Of course God told me that He didn’t work that way. He has a perfect plan and purpose for each life. He also reminded me that HE was in control and He would see us through this. It wasn’t His plan for me to have Ryne’s cancer. And as much as I wanted to take the pain and possible death because of this cancer I couldn’t. I just had to trust Him that He was in control and that He would use this for His glory and honor. I was reminded that God has never failed me yet and that He would be my (our) strength and hope through every step of this illness.

          God also said that the only time that He allowed substitution was when He allowed His Son Jesus to take my place on the cross. He reminded me that because of my sin I deserved to face the torment, agony, shame, and penalty of His wrath. But Jesus took my place on the cross so that I will not have to face any of those things.

          God knows each of us down to every cell and molecule of our body. He knows who can handle what and who cannot. He filters what each one of us faces and protects us from things that are beyond our capacity to handle them. So if He won’t allow me to take Ryne’s cancer I am committing Ryne to His care knowing that HE can heal him and care for him better than I can start to imagine.

In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs

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