“Thankful For What We Forgot Yesterday”

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Thankful For What We Forgot Yesterday.

          Because of our different family members having the Covid 19 virus Michelle and I had not gotten to have Christmas with our son Ryne’s family including our grandchildren Aiden and Amelia. So we finally got a chance for everyone to open their presents more than a month after Christmas day. Of course as grandparents we had spoiled Aiden and Amelia and they got a big pile of presents to open.

          The next day after we opened the presents we were riding down the road and 5 year old Amelia asked were we going to stop at the store so that Michelle and I could buy her and Aiden some toys. I told her that she had just opened a ton of presents the day before and that she should be thankful for what she had gotten yesterday.

          She said, “Okay. I am thankful for what we forgot yesterday.” I laughed at first then I realized that a golden nugget of truth had just come out of the mouth of this babe. What if every day we were thankful for what we had forgot the day before? What if we were thankful that we forgot that someone did us wrong the day before? What if we were thankful for the jealousy, anger, or bad attitude that we forgot from the day before?

          What if we were thankful for the sin that we had done the day before and God had “forgot” because we confessed it and the blood of Jesus covered it? What if we forgot that the day before may have been one of the worse days of our life? This thankful for what we forgot yesterday idea could in fact be a great blessing.

          I am so glad that I don’t spend my life looking back more than I look forward. There are several things in my past that I am thankful to forget. I am more thankful that God has forgiven me of them and that HE has forgotten them. I love the verse Romans 8:1in the Amplified version; “There is now NO condemnation, guilt, shame, or regret for those who are IN Christ Jesus.” That means that I can be thankful that my sinful yesterdays are forgiven and forgotten by my loving gracious and merciful Father God.

In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs 

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