Tuesday’s Truth

Tuesday’s Truth is a free weekly devotional shared by Rev. Gary Mimbs

The Unseen Power #3

          My wife Michelle hadn’t been feeling well for a period of time now. Finally she has begun to feel better. So she decided one afternoon that sunshine therapy would help her more than anything else. She got out of the house and started to work in her flower beds. She got a shovel and several other garden tools and started digging and working in her flowers.

          She was digging in an area that she hadn’t yet developed and was working toward removing some weeds and planting some new flowers. She was having a great time as I was doing something else on the other side of the house. I walked down to our storage building and discovered that we didn’t have any electricity in the building.

          I went and asked Michelle to show me where she had been digging. As I moved the dirt a little bit I discovered where she had hit the buried underground electric line that runs from the house to the storage building. I didn’t think that the small nick that she had made in the line should have caused the electricity to go out at the storage building. I cut off the electricity to that line and started digging it up.

          I soon discovered that in fact the place where she had hit the line wasn’t the culprit at all. A few inches away someone had hit this line years before and the damage had lay there undetected for possibly years. The rain and time had caused the wire to slowly rot into. Michelle’s hitting it a few inches away finally broke it into. So I got new wire and replaced the broken/rotten wire and we have electricity in the storage building again.

          Unseen beneath the ground was all of the power necessary to run all of the electrical things at the storage building – the security light, lights for the building, electrical outlets etc. But when this power was broken there was no flow of electricity to that building. Once the electricity was not working at the storage building I had to dig it up and find the cause of the problem – a broken wire. Once it was replaced the power of the electricity was flowing again.

          Inside of you is an unseen power that allows you to be “energized” with the power of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes that power stops flowing and you need to dig deep and see what is stopping the flow of power in your life. You may discover that sin has caused a vital part of your connection to God to be damaged and to slowly rot away to the point that you no longer feel “connected” to Him.

          Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what has caused Him to be grieved or quenched in your life. The allow Him to not just repair the broken spot in your life but replace it with a freshness and newness that will cause the dynamic resurrection power of Jesus to flow through you at full force.

In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs 

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