Tuesday’s Truth

Tuesday’s Truth is a free weekly devotional shared by Rev. Gary Mimbs

Preaching To Myself

          Since the Covid-19 shelter in place I have been doing my sermons via Facebook live. This involves taking a smartphone and using the camera part of it to record the sermon as I preach it. Then it transmits the video out live so that people can follow along. It has worked out nicely and allowed us to have virtual church when we can’t meet together in person.

          One aspect that most people except preachers and singers don’t know about or realize is that as I am preaching I can only see my face. I can see icons of other people who are tuned in but as for what I see on the screen of the phone camera – I only see my face. It is quite odd to be preaching and not see the congregation that I am preaching to – just me.

          Someone told me the other day something like, “Preacher your sermons on the Facebook live have been some of the best that I have heard you preach” So I got to asking myself why are these sermons seemed better than other ones –in this person’s opinion. I came up with several different theories: Perhaps the person is listening better over the internet than in person, maybe the seriousness of the crisis around us has gotten his attention, and other theories.

          But I think that the truth is that if the sermons are better it is because I am preaching to myself. You see, I as the preacher, need preaching to. I need to be fed and challenged in my spiritual journey. So when I am preaching and the only person that I can see is me then I can preach a little bolder and harder because I know that this person that I am preaching to in this little screen NEEDS to hear the message. I need to be convicted and encouraged more than anyone else that I ever preach to.

          We should all preach to ourselves sometimes. We are real good at preaching truth to others like our kids and coworkers. But how are we at preaching the truth and conviction to ourselves? Some are slack in this area and others go overboard and find fault and preach to ourselves about every little fault, flaw and failure. So just like in life a preacher, be it a called pastor preaching to a congregation or you as a person preaching to yourself, needs to have a balance of messages of conviction but also encouragement. We need both.

          So please know as you watch me preach on Facebook live I am looking at and preaching to the biggest sinner that I know – me. But I am also am preaching to the most grateful person for the mercy and grace of Jesus that I know also. He has forgiven me and gave me a great opportunity to proclaim His good news of salvation full and free and that is such a blessing.

In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs 

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