Tuesday’s Truth

September 8, 2020

Tuesday’s Truth is a free weekly devotional shared by Rev. Gary Mimbs

Here’s Your Sign

I recently joined a group of people from our community to have a “Jericho March” – prayer vigil at our local hospital. The idea was that we would gather and be led in prayer by a local pastor and then have a lap marching and praying around the hospital. Then we would be led in prayer again and then march until we had completed 6 times around the hospital. Then on the 7th time we would march around with some musicians who would be playing their instruments as we shouted and praised.

The whole focus of the march was to bring the community together in prayer against Covid-19 and other issues that we are facing. As we took our place in the hospital parking lot to begin with one of the local pastors leading in prayer a God thing happened. As this pastor explained that the focus of his prayer was to, “See corona walls come down and be smashed flat”, I bowed my head to pray. As I looked down at my feet something caught my eye.

Laying right there in front of me was a twist type beer bottle cap. It wasn’t just any type of beer bottle cap – it was a “CORONA” beer bottle cap and it had been run over several times by cars and was smashed as flat as it could be. Who but God could place me at that exact spot where that certain smashed beer bottle cap that had the exact name of the disease that we were praying would be smashed was laying at the right time?

God is able to do things like that because He is God. He sees all and knows all. He sends us reminders that He DOES hear our prayer and that He IS at work whether we see Him or not. He does little things like this all the time around us. The problem is that we are so busy and distracted by the things of the world that we miss His “signs” that He sends us.

Another aspect is that we think that God’s signs have to be some grand religious earth shaking things. We think that He has to use thunder and lightning or some miraculous feat to show us His signs. I am here to tell you that He can use a smashed beer bottle cap or whatever He wants to get our attention. We just must seek Him with all of our heart and be watching and waiting to hear from Him .

We must stop limiting Him in waiting for Him to reveal Himself in a way that WE think that He should. As a pastor I wasn’t comfortable picking up the beer bottle cap for the human fear that someone would see me with it and get the wrong idea. God whispered for me to pick it up and to show it to everyone around as a sign of His hearing our prayers. So I did.

I also have placed this smashed Corona beer bottle cap in my special items that I treasure as gifts from God. So if you see it on display in my office trust me – it wasn’t because I drank the beer. It was because God used this to remind me that He can use ANYTHING to bring Him glory and honor.

In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs

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