What Does Your Spiritual Photo Look Like?

November 2, 2021

What Does Your Spiritual Photo Look Like?

When you look at old pictures of you, your family, or others sometimes it amazes you how much you or other people have changed in their appearance. As we grow our body and facial features change. As we get older the color of our hair changes or it falls out. The fact is that as we grow most people just don’t look like they did as a child. As Christians, we are called to grow into the image of God and to be more am more like Jesus. So, the question is: “What does your spiritual image look like now?” Have you grown and changed for the better since you became a Christian? Do you resemble Jesus more and more as you age and mature? Or is your spiritual snapshot still of a baby in Christ who hasn’t grown any? People talk about a family resemblance. For example, the older that I get the more that I look like my Daddy. I can see it and other people mention it to me. So, since we are members of the family of God we should resemble Jesus Christ more and more – not in our physical appearance but more importantly in our spiritual aspect especially in the way that we act and react. One of the things that parents, and especially grandparents do is to show off the pictures of their children and grandchildren. When someone sees a picture of your children and grandchildren and they haven’t seen them in a long time some of the first comments are: “Look how much they have grown” or “They sure are changing”. “They look more and more like you or your spouse”. Our aim should be that when God pulls out His pictures of US – HIS CHILDREN – the angels will say, “Look at how much they have grown (Spiritually). They look more and more like you Jesus” “They aren’t babies anymore they are becoming full-grown Children of God. So the best thing that we can do is to grow up not only physically, emotionally, and mentally but especially spiritually so that God can proudly display the pictures of His kids (He has no grandchildren – only His kids of all ages)

In love with Jesus – Pastor Gary

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