What Ever Happened To Christmas?

December 14, 2021

Today’s Tuesday’s Truth is a repeat of a previous one but I was led to use it because the message is still true even more so today.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year. But, in the last few years, something terrible has happened. Somehow we have lost Christmas! It has either been stolen or we have just given it away. Not only have we lost Christmas, but we have also replaced it with something terrible. They have replaced Christmas with the two-headed monster of shopping and spending.
          The gifts the wise men brought to baby Jesus started the tradition of ‘giving’ gifts at Christmas. Now, giving things to others is a wonderful way to express your love and appreciation for them, but if we are not careful, we end up in the place where America is today. It seems to be all about the giving, and nothing about the birthday of Jesus Christ. What do you think pleased the Lord the most? Was it the gifts the wise men brought to him or was it the fact that they came to worship Him that counted the most?
          I am not saying there is anything wrong with buying gifts for others at Christmastime. I think the desire to give shows a very loving, Christian heart. But, I think that as we do buy things for others, we should not only use common sense when it comes to our budgets, but we must also keep focused on the real meaning of Christmas, and what it means to us as individuals.
          If we were to ask the brave young men and women of our military serving in foreign lands what they wanted most for Christmas, I am sure they would not give you a list of gifts they want. I am pretty sure that they would simply say that what they want most this Christmas is to be home in the presence of those they love.
          We can give those around us many things this Christmas, but none of them even come close to the love we give them by merely being around them and sharing time with them. See, your presence is the best possible gift you could ever get for someone whom you love and treasure.
          A little girl came home from Sunday school and proudly told her mother she had memorized a Bible verse. She said it was JOHN 3:16, and she began to repeat it – “For God so loved the world that He gave His only forgotten son…” When Jesus looks down at the way we tend to celebrate Christmas today, I wonder if He feels somewhat forgotten.

We have all the trappings of a celebration – the trees, the lights, the gifts, and the songs – but where is Jesus? After all, this is the celebration of His birth! We should be focused on Him. Not us! We are supposed to be joyously celebrating the presence of Jesus – not the presents under the tree.
          Our schools now have “winter break” instead of “Christmas Break” because they fear that somebody is going to be offended and sue them. My wife and I searched long and hard to find cards that said “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays”. That may take Christ out of Christmas but it doesn’t take “Holy” out of “Holidays”!

          Nativity scenes have been all but completely banned on most governmental properties for fear of complaints. The Post Office’s official statement was that because Christmas might offend someone, there would not be any celebration of Christmas at the Post Office. They sell a stamp that celebrates the birth of Christ, but they will only refer to it as the “Religious Stamp”.
          I think it is time to make it very clear that we are Christians, we believe in Jesus Christ, and if that offends somebody we are sorry – we are sorry they get offended, that is. We are not sorry that we worship the Lord and we do not plan on NOT worshiping the Lord. Let us make it perfectly clear this year what the “reason for the season” is: To celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The greatest present that we can give to our kids, our families, and our friends is to share with them the presence of the Lord.

In love with Jesus – Rev. Gary Mimbs 

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