“You Get Used To It”

Tuesday’s Truth is a free weekly devotional shared by Rev. Gary Mimbs

You Get Used To It

          Recently I was involved in a wreck. I was sitting at a stop sign waiting to turn when another vehicle turned onto the road that I was on. When the driver turned the sun hit him right in the face and blinded him so that he didn’t see my vehicle and ran into me. Thankfully no one was hurt but my truck had a significant amount of damage.

          The other driver’s insurance company got in touch with me and agreed to fix my truck and to provide me with a rental vehicle until my truck got out of the shop. I picked up the rental truck for me to use. Unfortunately for me the previous driver had smoked apparently pretty heavily in the truck before I got it. The rental company had tried to cover up the smoke odor with air fresheners but it still smacked you in the face when you opened the door.

          I was just thankful to have something to drive and didn’t want to complain so I started driving the truck. I noticed something as I drove the truck. The longer that I drove it the more use to the smell I became. After several minutes in the truck I didn’t notice the smoke smell anymore until the next time that I got out and then started to get back into the truck.

          I picked up Michelle one day for us to go somewhere and she said, “Ugh. How can you stand this cigarette smoke smell in here?”  I realized that by this point I had gotten so used to it that I didn’t even notice it anymore.

          You know sin is that way. We start to sin and the Holy Spirit brings the power of conviction into our hearts and minds and we ignore it even though we know that what we are doing is wrong and in fact sin. So we travel on with that sin and then the Holy Spirit will remind us again that it is sin. We ignore the Holy Spirit again and this continues until we now are comfortable with that sin and don’t even notice it anymore. Now we are in full blown sin in committing the sin and ignoring the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

          Fortunately I only had to drive the rental truck for a week. I hopefully will not catch lung cancer from this little exposure to second hand smoke. But I can tell you that this odor isn’t something that I want to get used to. On more than one occasion when I got out of the truck I prayed that I didn’t smell like smoke as I went to visit someone or attended church.

          I am asking God to send and resend the Holy Spirit to my heart and mind to convict me of sin so that I don’t get used to it and become comfortable out of His will.

In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs  

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