You Need An Infusion

(From August 24, 2021)

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You Need An Infusion

There is a great debate right now over whether or not a person should get the Covid vaccine. It is a personal choice and I understand both sides. I don’t mind saying that I got mine in January. I don’t judge those who get it or those who don’t.

What I really want to talk about is the treatment after a person gets Covid. The best course of action so far is for the infected person to get an infusion of medicines that hopefully will help the person get well. The infusion is a cocktail of medications designed specifically to kill the Covid and help with the symptoms of the disease.

The Bible says that we ALL have been infected with the disease of sin. There is no vaccine to prevent it and we don’t live in quarantine so we all get it. So, in order to heal spiritually, we need a Spiritual infusion. This infusion contains first of all the Blood of Jesus Christ. This will help kill the power of sin in your life. It will wipe it out and remove it like it never was even there.

It will also bring healing to the damage that the disease of sin has caused – not only IN you but to the others affected AROUND you. It will give you the power to BE forgiven and to SHARE that forgiveness with others. When you receive this part of the infusion you become healed so well that your soul will live forever in Heaven where there IS NO disease, sickness, or death ever again.

Also in this infusion is the power of the Holy Spirit to heal you and restore you back to new life. The Holy Spirit will also give you the power and strength to keep you from getting infected again and again. The Holy Spirit also provides you with the power to live abundantly just like you had never been infected.

We need the initial Spiritual infusion but occasionally we may need a booster shot to strengthen us in the places where we are weak. The Holy Spirit provides that booster shot daily if we will only confess that we need it in order to keep us from getting re-infected. It is possible to live a life that is not controlled by the disease of sin. But it involves us dying daily to our own selfish, carnal, sinful nature and then being infused with the power of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. It involves surrendering your will to the will of God.

We all have been infected and affected by sin. So now is the time to ask God to give you the Spiritual infusion. Because it doesn’t matter if Covid, cancer, or a car crash takes you out. At that moment the most important question is have you had the infusion of the Blood of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit? If not then for all eternity you will be tormented far worse than the side effects of a shot for all eternity.

In love with Jesus – Gary Mimbs

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